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i am mortally allergic to citrus

one drop and i could die

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Birthdate:Nov 26

Dr. Rodney McKay

I am mortally allergic to citrus, one drop and I could die, and also I'm hypoglycemic so would someone please get me a power bar? Now? I'm in the middle of something very important and there is no way I'm going to leave it to some Dr. Fumbles McStupid to screw it up like the last time. Seriously, how have I been able to be surrounded by so many morons? It's a laugh that I'd be teamed up with such creatures with my superior knowledge. The least they could do was send in Colonel Carter- at least then I'd be able to work with someone with more than half a brain.

Hey! Don't touch that!

this journal is for rp purposes only, i do not own dr rodney mckay or stargate and its related franchise.
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